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posted Jul 22, 2010 16:20:44 by trados
well i am defencive guy so i am makein pretorians when we will be under attack i acctually started doin them today i made 13 of them and allready lost 2 of them and in return i killed 9 clubs.... i will make pretorian hero in about a hour so when i do some more troops and u are under attack tell me and i will send reinforcments
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ShadowWake said Jul 29, 2010 14:27:39
Well I just got back from.... well nowhere. There was a virus that kept crashing my laptop everytime I started it up. I had no access to the internet the whole time. Bboy was watching my account and I feel sorry for him. Currently being attacked. Nothing I can't handle ;)
Bboy-Conast said Jul 29, 2010 23:35:57
Ahh shiiit man. Thats the virus I had 2 days ago. Watching fricken porn! Finally got me to download he virus scanner I needed which I couldn't be bothered to download before because my pc was fine with it.
All you need is Spyhunter... that sorts your internet out and deletes the virus completely. There are more that are good for the other viruses you can get. Pretty much 60%+ pc problems is virus related so refer the virus solutions first.
Simply download Spyhunter to a usb from the website (download the installer to it) and then when you get a virus start any pc up in safe mode (F8 on startup usually) and install it fromt he usb. Scan, restart if virus scanner says so and all is sorted.

(in case you get viruses)

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