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Defence and attacking others

posted Jul 19, 2010 06:03:22 by trados
Begginer protection is gone and attacking started.... on this topic we should inform each other so when you are under attack we can gather troops at one being anttacked and coordinate attacks on other players
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Hackerboy said Jul 19, 2010 07:24:35
so far Mr.Niceguy is attacking all of us so i called backup from other alliance to help hahahhahahaha! we got defender medal
trados said Jul 19, 2010 07:58:55
yah i saw it ^.^ wuz quite suprised
ShadowWake said Jul 20, 2010 13:49:30
Currently researching Spearmen. Anyone need any just post. ight now I'm eyeing the villages around me. I am SO going to farm them. Beginners Protection is preventing that.
trados said Jul 20, 2010 19:07:28
well from what i see on alliance attack reports our only real problem is mr.nice guy..... he is attackin half of alliance..... he attack all around him exept me (thats probably cuz of pop or cuz we are from same country) we should get rid of this problem somehow....
ShadowWake said Jul 20, 2010 19:40:14
Well considering the size of his troops when attacking. I think me or god1 can send troops to teach the guy a lesson. That or we reinforce the attacked villages with phalanxes. Keep in mind, 1 Clubswinger can kill 2 defending clubswingers. Same for Legions. All we need is a small attacking force.
trados said Jul 20, 2010 21:50:05
true.... since i am roman only thing i can do is to make lots of pretorians.... but it takes quite a lot resources in academy to reserch them :/
ShadowWake said Jul 20, 2010 22:14:19
Ha! I farmed around 10 thousand resources in an hour. If anyone needs some just ask..... Also researching scouts. Anyone need any info on a village just message me.
skyassassin said Jul 21, 2010 06:16:57
well since i am the assassin in our alliance well my nick i will attack all the players with 2 to 6 and will be rich with all my robbers i will name all my 3000 soilders well.... if i ever get any i will get the our alliance robbers i promise well i will raid all the players in my place well not the players from the alliance one more thing i have two friends and they both want to join but they cant because of the embassy please send resources to hacker boy (chagal)
ShadowWake said Jul 21, 2010 22:32:38
Ok. I've already started making axemen. I need to make at least 30 axemen and at least 100 clubswingers before I start attacking Mr.NiceGuy. After that I can start attacking SirTep or something of that sort. SirTep is more difficult. If I go through with this, it will be likely that we can get attackers of the week.
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trados said Jul 21, 2010 23:48:01
ooo... thats nice ^.^

i will be able to reserch pretorians if noone attacks me for about a hour :)
so if they lose lots of troops on my defence u can easyly finish em off :D
ShadowWake said Jul 22, 2010 01:08:26
Ok, heres the info I know about the 2 targets.

SirTep: Around 250 clubswingers, attacks our members and doesn't know about defense. Easily scouted. Easily Attacked.

Mr.NiceGuy: Around 100 Clubswingers, 5 scouts, no info on Defensive troops. Can't be scouted. Not clear if easily attacked.

I'm gathering up my offensive troops.

Goal: 150 clubswingers, 30 Axemen, 1 Axemen Hero.

Attack Value of all this: 7980(Or so)
Defense Value of Mr.NiceGuy: 2500(or so)
Defense Value of SirTep: 5000(or so)
kostrad said Jul 22, 2010 01:35:07
Hackerboy said Jul 22, 2010 15:53:33
Chasovoy just attacked me he wanted to fight he got nothing and he knows he will be attacked by lots of players he did no damage he attacked me with 10 clubswingers im preparing to attack him He attacked me the leader He deserves a lesson.
ShadowWake said Jul 22, 2010 15:57:10
Currently some idiot thought he could get me. He sent 12 clubswingers. Only 3 came back. I scouted his village and all I saw where 3 clubswingers. Then he sent 1 clubswinger to get my rat. Currently attacking his village. Hes my farm. Open to anyone who wants a farm. Named Oxen.
Wonderlust1016 said Aug 10, 2010 03:07:27
Oxen has grown, he has few defensive droops, maybe 20 paladins, good for hero experience
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