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introduce yourself....

posted Jul 17, 2010 18:30:41 by trados
hi all gonna start this topic cuz its good to know each other

my name is tilen.... name i allways use on net is trados.... i am 18 and i come from slovenia
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Hackerboy said Jul 17, 2010 23:26:09
My name is chagal my username is hackerboy I am 11 and i come from belgium
kostrad said Jul 18, 2010 00:07:58
my name is harry,my user name is kostrad i come form indonesia
creator15 said Jul 18, 2010 14:39:34
my name is naveen my user name is creator.i am 21 from india
sourenat said Jul 18, 2010 15:35:21
my name is sourena my username is sourenat i am 14 and i come from IRAN
skyassassin said Jul 19, 2010 13:28:46
My name is shagre I am hacker boys brother my user is sky assassin I'm 9 and i am from Belgium
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ShadowWake said Jul 20, 2010 13:44:52
My name is Alex. My username is ShadowWake. It's catchy and I use it everytime I sign up. I am 25 and I am from the US.
Bboy-Conast said Jul 22, 2010 03:13:20
My name is Sean and I am from England. I am currently studying at university. A pleasure to get know a bit about you all.
Busy With Life Goals
ShadowWake said Jul 22, 2010 04:47:09
Reminds me. Just to clear things up, me and Sean are watching over each other. Anything happens to one of us, there will be a reaction. We are sitters trying to make it in the world of Travian.
iloveyumcha said Aug 09, 2010 16:23:34
I'm iloveyumcha and I'm an alcoholic.
yslexdia said Aug 09, 2010 20:40:49
Hi, my name is doug (dug) my screen name is yslexdia...and apparently at 31 I'm the oldest one in the alliance. :(

I'm from Minnesnowta USA
trados said Aug 10, 2010 01:45:36
^.^ there is nothing wrong with being 31 and with that the oldest one in alliance :D
Wonderlust1016 said Aug 10, 2010 03:10:00
David from Ohio, 19
iloveyumcha said Aug 10, 2010 16:11:09
I'm also 31. When's your b'day dugmeister?
dazu_in said Aug 11, 2010 13:34:03
pranay here from india ... my user name is dazu (which means big brother in my language :)
Landholt said Aug 14, 2010 14:07:23
Jeff here. Username I live in Nebraska.

Going through my third endgame now so you won't see me start actually growing until it is finished. My alliance won the first 2 and we are close in this one now but I don't think were going to pull it off :P

If you guys ever need advice I've been playing for 4 years now. I know most ins and outs of the game.

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